Tuesday, March 01, 2016

'Anti-gay religious liberty bills have huge weakness' & other Tue. midday news briefs

Nathan Deal, David Ralston form an alliance over ‘religious liberty’ bill - Georgia's governor is getting spooked about the state's anti-gay religious liberty bill. 

The growing corporate backlash to Georgia’s ‘religious liberty’ bill - And this is why. The anti-gay right have not created an effective way to combat corporate backlashes to these bills. It's their weakness. 

 Italian court recognises same sex adoption - Good for Italy!!  

When Kids Say They’re Trans, They’re Better Off If Their Parents Listen - Same song, just different group. When lgbt children in general get support from their parents, it does them a WORLD of good.  

Franklin Graham Boycotts Girl Scouts Cookies As Part Of Anti-LGBT Crusade - Picking on the Girl Scouts. Oh how Christian of you, Frankie.  

School Finally Asks Anti-Gay Students to Stop Wearing Anti-Gay Badges, 'For Now' - BEFORE the religious right and supporters start crying about a violation of the First Amendment, you should know that this situation ceased to become a First Amendment issue when students began using these badges to specifically harass lgbt students. No First Amendment right for that.

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