Tuesday, March 08, 2016

'Missouri Democrats filibustering anti-lgbt amendment' & other Tue. midday news briefs

Missouri Democrats Wage Wendy Davis-Style Filibuster Against Anti-Gay Religious Amendment - These anti-lgbt "religious liberty" laws and amendments aren't being easy to pass as the religious right thought they would be. 

Boykin's Defense of 'Religious Freedom' Includes Violent Anti-Trans Rhetoric - You know they have to work a degree of transphobia in there.  

The caliber of homophobia in a Ted Cruz supporter - Reposting this from morning. The big joke of the 2016 presidential election may be that Republicans are fighting so hard against Donald Trump that they are hooking themselves on to an equal or bigger disaster with Ted Cruz. This post is a 2010 conversation I had with Gary Glenn, the present chair of Cruz's Michigan campaign when he defends his call to "outlaw" homosexuality. 

 Scott Walker’s Favorite Judge Was A Real Queer-Hatin’ Hoot In College - Food for thought about judges. And that apology ain't cutting it as far as I'm concerned. Girlfriend, I hope you know the entire score to "Hello Dolly."  

MISSISSIPPI: Ted Cruz Says He’s Too Sick To Attend Rally With Hate Group Crackpot Bryan Fischer - SPEAKING of Teddy, he averted one anti-gay crisis yesterday but being "too sick" to appear with Bryan Fischer at a rally.

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