Monday, May 02, 2016

'Ad denounces HB2, Target boycott run by anti-lgbt hate group' & other Mon. midday news briefs

Wonderful ad running in North Carolina via Freedom for All Americans

In this new ad, Zeke Christopoulos – a transgender man who lives in Asheville, North Carolina – and two of his colleagues discuss their concerns about the discriminatory House Bill 2, which knocked down existing non-discrimination protections for LGBT people and banned transgender people from using public restrooms. Watch the video – and then take action to stand with LGBT North Carolinians, including Zeke! By sharing the stories of transgender North Carolinians impacted by HB2, we can build momentum for repeal and prevent other states from passing such egregious anti-LGBT laws. 


Anti-LGBT Activists 'Testing' Target By Sending Men Into Women's Rooms - I wouldn't put it past them and I think it may backfire, but something in this item caught my eye: 

The program’s host, Stephen Bannon, contended that rather than being inclusive, Target is “trying to exclude people who are decent, hard-working people who don’t want their four-year-old daughter to have to go into a bathroom with a guy with a beard in a dress." 

That phrase underlines why we need demand that the media - particularly Fox News - give equal time to transgender folk when discussing this issue. The phrase "men in dresses" and the semantics of "predatory men with beards and dresses" have permeated this conversation. Language is very important in a debate like this and the opposition has been pretty much allowed to paint transgender women in some of the ugliest terms.  

Sorry Newt, but the American Family Association IS a hate group - Speaking of the boycott against Target, here is a 2011 post about the organization leading the boycott. I am disappointed in myself and others who have not emphasized that the group leading the boycott, the American Family Association is an anti-lgbt hate group and home to Bryan Fischer, the man who thinks that gays created the Nazi Party. AFA itself has claimed that gays recruit children when we aren't smearing feces on ourselves. 

 Anti-LGBT Groups Unite To Prevent UN Recognition Of Same-Sex Families - And the attack on the transgender community is merely one ugly facet of these groups. We have to recognize all of these groups because they want to push us and our families in the closet and then lock and bolt the door.

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