Thursday, May 19, 2016

'Fox News edited out discussion of anti-trans legislation from Laverne Cox interview' & other Thur. midday news briefs

Fox News doesn't let up on its transphobia even when interviewing Cox.

Laverne Cox Has A Lot To Say About Anti-Trans Legislation But It Was Cut From Megyn Kelly’s Interview - Just like Fox News and Megyn Kelly. They bend over backwards to indulge groups and people slinging anti-transgender lies but GOD forbid they allow someone be able to respond to that crap.

House Passes Bill That Lets Government Contractors Fire People For Being LGBT - Veto that sumbitch!

 An Alabama lawmaker has the creepiest response to transgender bathroom hysteria - Oh lawd! No! No! No! Now this actually endangers people! 

 United Methodist Church Takes ‘Historic Action’ Toward LGBT Equality - Another article which reiterates the point that the religious right is bogarting the argument of lgbt orientation and religion.  

Anti-Trans Hoaxes On Fake News Websites Are Spiking — And Going Viral - Yes they are and I have seen several of them. It's not funny, folks.

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