Wednesday, June 08, 2016

'Interracial couple opposes marriage equality because of 'lust,' 'demons,' & 'dirty laundry'' & other Wed. midday news briefs

Editor's note - I would be remiss if I didn't issue a congratulations to Hillary Clinton for wrapping up the Democratic nomination for President. She becomes the first woman to do this and hopefully will be the first woman to become president. I have deliberately not weighed in on the primary between she and Sanders on this blog because the nature of some folks. However, I will say that this blog tries to concentrate solely on the needs of the lgbt community and anti-propaganda. Therefore, I would ask folks to remember what we as lgbts have gained. It is neither wrong nor selfish to do so. Freedoms won can be easily taken away without diligence on all fronts. That is all.

I'm posting this because it's funny and - in it's own way - a perfect example what I just said above. 

From Right Wing Watch:

 Ruth Bryant White, a fringe presidential candidate in 2008, and her husband Steve told (Gordon)Klingenschmitt that gay relationships are not legitimate because they are based on lust and violate the laws of God. Same-sex relationships, Ruth White said, are nothing like interracial relationships because "when you're dealing with someone of the same sex ... they're bringing their dirty laundry and bedroom stuff to the people and it is not a civil right." After she asserted that "God destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah because of the homosexuality" and that the Bible says that gays are consumed by "the lusts of the flesh," Klingenschmitt declared that the difference between gay marriage and interracial marriages like the Whites' is that "homosexuality is based on lust, which God forbids as a sin, but your marriage is based on love, which God commands between one man and one woman." "They're using it, saying that homosexuality is a civil right," Ruth White declared. "There is nothing civil about it in any way shape, form or fashion. And even if it was a civil right, God's word take precedence over anything that man's law can do ... Now we've got Christians who were living a straight life now that are going back into the homosexual lifestyle. That's a lust, that's a demon ... They put that over God and His word? And they're will to burn for eternity for that?"  

In other news:
Fox Doctor Keith Ablow Attacks Transgender Teen As "A Very Big Threat To Our Culture" - Fox News is filled with scumbags who won't stop picking on transgender children.  

AIDS at 35: Surprising Life Lessons From Living With HIV - Wonderful post!  

U.S. embassies, consulates acknowledge Pride month - Deal with it, folks. It's not being ugly to say that. We are people who will have our lives and contributions celebrated, just like every other respectable group.

1 comment:

Patrick Fitzgerald said...

Heterosupremacist boob Ruth Bryant White: “homosexual lifestyle. That's a lust, that's a demon”

The cowards way of saying our love is fake.

Heterosupremacist boob Ruth Bryant White: “they're bringing their dirty laundry and bedroom stuff to the people”

Putting words in our mouths and deeds in our hearts, that’s scapegoating and slander which is bearing false witness against thy neighbor - one of the Ten Commandments. Which nullifies your claim that “God's word take precedence over anything that man's law can do”, since you don’t truly believe in God’s word.

Heterosupremacist boob Ruth Bryant White: "God destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah because of the homosexuality".

If the story is to be believed, it has nothing to do with homosexuality but the emasculation of the newcomers. They turned down Lot’s (the hero) offer of his virgin daughters in lieu of his guests because the gang rape of women was and everyday occurrence.

Heterosupremacist boob Ruth Bryant White: “You go into the book of Romans, God just threw His hands up, you’re just burning for this lust for one another … God just gave them over to the lusts of their hearts, women with women, men with men…”

The purpose of that part of Romans was to give an (ERRONEOUS) example of what happens when you rebel against God. If rebellion against God was the cause of being gay, then every sociopath would be gay and every gay Christian would be straight.

Heterosupremacist boob Ruth Bryant White: “And they're will to burn for eternity for that?"

That says more about you than it does LGBT people. The punishment doesn’t fit the crime (because there’s no victim) to the point that to worship such a God is the epitome of immorality.

As a supremacist you worship the idol of pride over Love and in so doing break the First Commandment of both the Old Testament and the New, effectively bankrupting you from speaking about morality in ANY context and on any level.

Pride is the root of all sin and Mrs. White, you worship it.