Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Melania Trump, Black Twitter would like to have a word with you

Editor's note - This is not necessarily an lgbt issue per se, but it's so campy it would almost be a sin for me not to post about it.

Oh this controversy is good!

The first night of Trump's GOP convention defied expectations and was as awful as one would have expected. The irony, however, is that it would have probably gotten a positive spin had it not been for a certain incident involving the wannabe First Lady, Melania Trump and a plagiarized passage from a Michelle Obama speech at the 2008 Democratic national convention.

Because of this, instead of basking in the spotlight of what would have sure to have been the start of "Melaniamania, Trump's wife is now the symbolism of GOP hypocrisy in that the party bashes Obama for allegedly failing America with a weak presidency, while simultaneously stealing his wife's words. And without a hint of irony.

No matter how Trump and company, especially Melania, spins this in the media, they can't hide from the twitter hashtag, #blacktwitter which, contrary to the claims of some folks, is the REAL place of political incorrectness and "telling it like it is.

Melania, now known as #beckywiththeborrowedspeech, is a popular topic there:

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