Wednesday, August 24, 2016

American Family Association marketing fraudulent ex-gay therapy to children

A friend of mine sent me the following article featuring the above comic:

A Christian group has amended the Bible with comic books that support ‘gay cure’ therapy – and they’re giving them out to children. The American Family Association, which is strongly opposed to LGBT rights, has partnered with Revival Fires International to give away 65,000 copies of the ‘Truth for Youth’ Bible across the US, encouraging evangelical teens to “commit to give the Bibles to their unsaved friends in school”.

As well as a copy of the New Testament, the specially-edited Bible created by Pastor Tim Todd includes comics on subjects including homosexuality – a subject that is notably absent from the (ostensibly) original Word of God.'

However, the new Bible’s teachings appear far from child-friendly.

 . . . The six-page comic appears to take place during a violent clash between stereotypically-drawn LGBT activists and Christian protesters, seeing the “queers” throwing rocks and tear gas at the Christians. The group is later confronted by a ‘doctor’ who endorses gay cure therapy … despite the practice being disavowed in real life by every major medical authority in the US  . . .. 

The article says that the comic then encourages children to seek "counseling" with an "ex-gay" therapy group Pure Life Ministries.

And they say we "recruit" children?

I should also point out that several states, including California and New Jersey have outlawed the practice of subjecting children to ex-gay therapy citing its dangers and fraud. 


D said...

As a Christian, I find this campaign of indoctrination vile and repugnant. It is a perversion of the Word that weak, troubled people use to hide behind because they're uncomfortable with anything that doesn't conform to their own mindset and don't want anyone to have the right to think or be different from it. God save them, I doubt anyone else will.

Anonymous said...

Kind of late to point this out but the "ex-gay" group in the original version of that comic was Exodus International (and we all know what became of it).