Monday, August 01, 2016

Mississippi's anti-lgbt law loses again in court

The supporters of Mississippi's anti-lgbt law suffered a serious blow in court this afternoon.

According to Buzzfeed:

The federal judge in Mississippi who halted enforcement of the state’s new anti-LGBT religious exemption law declined on Monday to put his ruling on hold while the state appeals the ruling.

Mississippi Gov. Phil Bryant had asked U.S. District Court Judge Carlton Reeves to issue a stay of his preliminary injunction order during the appeal. If granted, the state would have allowed the state to enforce the law during its appeal of the ruling against the law.

Bryant signed the bill, HB 1523, into law on April 5. The bill provided protections for individuals, religious organizations, and certain businesses who take actions due to their “sincerely held religious beliefs or moral convictions” to same-sex marriage — or any sex outside straight marriage. It also provided similar protections for those who object to transgender people.

These anti-lgbt "religious liberty" laws  seem to be facing the same problem as anti-marriage equality laws in that they may be popular but in a legal sense, they flop with a huge thud.

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