Wednesday, August 17, 2016

'Moonlight' tells needs-to-be-seen story of young gay black men

The problem I have with African-American oriented movies is that the good ones are mostly historical and the comedic ones are too proud. And hardly any of them feature any lgbts of color.

Moonlight, a movie coming out in October looks like it's going to be good. It's a contemporary story about a young gay black man grappling with his orientation. The trailer is simply devastating. This movie looks like it could win some awards. That would be nice because then we could simultaneously start a conversation about lgbts of color in the black community and focus on the next step in motion pictures - featuring an lgbt of color ALREADY content with his or her sexuality.


Erica Cook said...

If you ever see this come out on netflix you let me know. I am so sick of queer movies who do not much more than try and cram every stereotype into the story as they can before it's over. I also agree 100% that it's time to have a movie with a gay main character when their sexuality isn't the story. If I can ever get back to it, I have a story like that I want to write.

John Wilkinson said...

I have to see this! No Facebook page for the movie, but they do have a Twitter account: