Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Media Matters creates guide for reporting on anti-bullying & nondiscrimination protections for lgbt students

Media Matters nails it again with this handy guide on The Do's And Don’ts On Reporting On Anti-Bullying And Nondiscrimination Protections For LGBT Students.

If you want to read about these items in more detail, Media Matters breaks it down very nicely:

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Julia said...

It's good advice and I would say ought to be somewhat self evident to the ethical journalist. But I fear that it will fall on deaf ears as at least when it comes to LGBT issues and other intersectional matters the conservative media and the tabloid press can't help but sensationalise and take out of context training material and programs, usually accompanied by those favourite but meaningless conservative buzzwords "PC," "Cultural Marxist" and "Elite." Briebart seems to exist for the sole purpose of smearing minorities. The bad reporting of LGBT issues by conservative media outlets, the hyperbole and the dehumanisation has cost me any faith I had in journalism.