Monday, September 19, 2016

Franklin Graham still trolling for HB2, spreading transphobic lies

NC Gov. Pat McCrory is in the middle of a firestorm over HB2. Businesses are boycotting the state and they are now joined by the NBA, NCAA, and the ACC. Of course this is getting many folks in the state, including legislators who voted for HB2 talking about a repeal.

McCrory seems to be remaining firm in support of that ridiculous law. And backing him up is the Rev. Franklin Graham via twitter and Facebook, where he continues to push inaccuracies about HB2 and the transgender community:

The momentum of public opinion seems to no longer embrace these lies. McCrory would do himself a favor if he stopped listening to this lessening minority of fear. But apparently he wants to do things the hard way.


Lee Anne said...

25% of college women report being sexually harassed and 10% report being raped. Nary a week goes by without another story about a pedophile member of the ministry. 60+ GOP politicians sign a letter pleading mercy for Dennis Hastert despite his admitted pedophilia. But who cares? Where I go to the bathroom is so much more important.

Tor said...

Children are in greater danger in church than in Target's restrooms.