Thursday, September 29, 2016

'Human Rights Campaign calls out homophobic 'medical' hate group' & other Thur. midday news briefs

Newt Gingrich thinks we've forgotten about his anti-lgbt history.

New HRC guide on trans children by pediatricians busts myths, offers support - This is huge. The Human Rights Campaign teams up with the American Academy of Pediatrics to take on and destroy the lies of the hate group/fake medical association The American College of Pediatricians. I give HRC props for this. But, as much as I hate to sound like Little Richard, I was sounding the alarm about this group since 2009. The ACP was one of the reasons why I created this blog:
The American College of Pediatricians and the Laundering of Junk Science

 American College of Pediatricians, NARTH pushes new site featuring old anti-gay lies 

American College of Pediatricians trying to work anti-gay web site into the schools 

 In other news:

 Endorsement or not, Log Cabin Republicans shill for Trump - Siiiigh!

Gingrich seeks unity with gays against ‘Islamic supremacism’ - More about the above nonsensical meeting. Gingrich invoked history to claim that Republicans stood with the lgbt community. If Gingrich wants to talk about history, he should talk about the time in 1994 when he promised virulent homophobe Lou Sheldon (of the Traditional Values Coalition) that he would hold public hearings against public-funded AIDS programs. Pitting the lgbt community against Islam doesn't make that fact go away.  

This Is What It’s Like To Have Your Transgender Kid Splashed Across The Media - Something we haven't thought about but very important to consider.

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