Thursday, September 01, 2016

'Woman using law Mike Pence pushed as a defense against child abuse charge' & other Thur. midday news briefs

Woman arrested for child abuse citing Pence's religious freedom law as a defense.

Woman charged with child abuse uses Indiana Religious Freedom Law as defense - Another case of an anti-lgbt law having consequences far beyond what some folks think. And no, this woman was not simply "disciplining" her child. She put 37 bruises on the body of this seven-year-old using a coat hanger and then cited the Bible. Bang up job pushing that law, Mike Pence! 

New children’s song explains bathrooms and bigots in best possible way - I LOVE it!! 

 Texas Attorney General Jumps Into Lawsuits Over North Carolina’s Anti-Transgender Law - Apparently someone needs to send a copy of the above song to THIS guy.

 Trump’s Sales Pitch To LGBT Community: Islamophobia And T-Shirts - Please! We want more than a t-shirt, jerk! 

 Clinton pushed LGBT rights, despite foundation’s anti-gay donors - And she got criticized for it, no doubt. That's all they do.

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