Tuesday, October 04, 2016

'Trump trying to play lgbts & Muslims against one another' & other Tue. midday news briefs

Trump Is Trying to Turn Gays Against Muslims - The National for Marriage tried to pull this crap with gays and black folks. We didn't fall for it then, I really hope we don't fall for it now. The only reason why Trump wants lgbts to fear Muslim is to take attention away from his cooperation with those who would seek to take our equality away in this country:

In other news:

 A Look at LGBT Artifacts From the National African-American Museum - THIS is wonderful. I am glad that we lgbts of color are included. 

 Evangelist Franklin Graham: Ignore Trump’s Taxes! We Have to Stop Transgender Soldiers’ Rights! - Modesty keeps me from thoroughly commenting what I feel.

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steevee said...

Did you read the Village Voice's article on the "Twinks 4 Trump' rally last summer? It sounded way more anti-Islamic than pro-gay, featuring the seeningly ubiquitous Milo Y.