Monday, November 14, 2016

'Don't believe a word Trump says about marriage equality' & other Mon. midday news briefs

Trump’s Latest Gay Marriage Comments Mean Little If He’s Serious About His SCOTUS Picks - Trump says he won't harm marriage equality because it's been settled by the courts. He is partly right. He is going to leave that to his religious right co-horts, including his vice president. 

 Trump Says It's 'Irrelevant' What He Thinks About Same-Sex Marriage – But Justices He Appoints Will Overturn It - And let another article reiterate that point. 

Editor's note - and let's not focus solely on marriage equality. Under a Trump administration, everything we fought for and continue to fight for - especially equality for our transgender brothers and sisters - is in danger. 

 Transgender people are scrambling to update their documentation - Like I said. It's not just about marriage equality. 

 Breitbart’s Greatest Hit (Pieces): Some Of The Website’s Most Disgusting Headlines - Why some folks, except it seems for the Family Research Council, is alarmed that white nationalist Steve Bannon will now be helping to set the country's policy.

 Peter Thiel named to Trump transition team - Just add those 30 pieces of silver to your billions, my friend.

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