Wednesday, November 30, 2016

'GOP takes out anti-lgbt provision from defense bill . . . but with a warning' & other Wed. midday news briefs

Republicans Strip Their Anti-LGBTQ Provision From Defense Bill - While this may seem like good news because the provision would have allowed federal contractors to discriminate against lgbts on religious grounds, do not be fooled. The following part of the article is like an intense warning light:

 “Subsequent to the election, new paths have opened up to address those issues. It’s still a very important issue for the members and they intend to pursue those other paths. 

We have been warned.

In other news: 

 Pat McCrory Refuses to Concede Election He's Clearly Lost While 'Slandering Innocent Citizens' Says Top Paper - One good thing coming out of the election is the possible defeat of NC anti-transgender governor Pat McCrory. He is holding on but his grip is slipping as reality set in. Blame HB2. 

 Court won’t stay decision against trans student protections - Well thanks for nothing . . .  

Who Is ‘Naughty’ And Who Is ‘Nice’? Confusion Runs Rampant In The War On Christmas - Funny story. Anti-lgbt groups the American Family Association and the Liberty Counsel don't know who to applaud or attack in their annual "War on Christmas" nonsense.

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