Wednesday, November 16, 2016

News brief special - Is the religious right replacing actual Jesus for 'Trump Jesus?'

Religious right groups are pinning hopes on Trump.
Mat Staver: Trump’s Judicial Appointees Will Overturn Marriage Equality - Just like the Family Research Council, Mat Staver is trying to trade the real Jesus for "Trump Jesus." 

Mike Pence Will Be the Most Powerful Christian Supremacist in U.S. History - Just lining up our targets in preparation for this never ending so-called cultural battle.  

Here are some of Mike Pence's most controversial stances on gay rights, abortion, and smoking - A little primer. More info coming.

Texas Lawmakers Launch New Attacks On Abortion, LGBTQ Rights - Gear up brothers and sisters. Look at it this way. It was NEVER supposed to be easy.  

Here’s How LGBTQ People Can Protect Themselves Before Trump Takes Office - In the meantime, get your business in order. 

Tech Companies Prepare To Fight Anti-LGBT Bills In 2017 - And DO NOT think we are going into this alone.

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