Friday, November 18, 2016

Trump's AG pick Jeff Sessions isn't exactly lgbt-friendly either' & other Fri. midday news briefs

Trump's AG pick Jeff Sessions has issues with African-Americans AND LGBTs

Donald Trump Picks Jeff Sessions, Racist and Homophobic Alabama Senator, for Attorney General - You mean the person Donald Trump has selected to be his attorney general not only has an ugly issue with racism, but also homophobia? Why it's almost like the two (racism and homophobia) are connected! 

Experiencing the Hate of Jeff Sessions First Hand – Rabid Anti Gay Racist Could Be Trump AG - From publisher and activist Melanie Nathan comes a first-hand experience of Sessions' homophobia. 

Exciting Antibody Discovery Sparks New Hope For Future HIV Vaccine - "Sparks hope," folks. Keep your fingers crossed and still practice safe sex.

 Mom Sues Her Trans Teen For Getting Hormone Therapy - What. the. f$#!ck. 

 Fanning skeptical Trump will undo LGBT inclusion in military - Unfortunately when it comes to our soon-to-be Orange Overlord, I wouldn't leave anything to chance.

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