Tuesday, November 29, 2016

'USA stance on global LGBT rights may change under Trump Administration' & other Tue. midday news briefs

The Trump/Pence administration will likely switch sides on global LGBT rights - The irony of Trump attempting to scare lgbts about homophobes in foreign lands become even starker when one realizes that perhaps neither he nor Pence will speak out in defense of the lgbts in those areas who are being persecuted. Must be busy "protecting" so-called Christian bakeries and flower shops from those evil lgbts who dare to want to give them money. And here is a good morsel from the article. Apparently Pence and Russian leader Vladimir Putin use the same reasoning against lgbt rights: 

Both (VP-elect Mike) Pence and Putin say that although individual gay people should be left alone, they should not be recognized as a politically organized subgroup that can advocate for protection. Putin considers such advocacy to be propaganda. Either these leaders do not know, or do not mind, that violence is threatened against the many people who are gender nonconforming or attracted to others of the same sex (or both). If Putin or Pence acknowledged such persecution, they might have to support mandates to protect that minority. 

In other news:  

Judge to hear arguments in Louisiana's LGBT rights dispute - Louisiana Governor John Bel Edwards will go to court in order to protect his pro-lgbt rights protection order. Now that's a leader.  

More anti-transgender fights coming to South Dakota - Fire up the canons. We've got wolves coming.  

Donald Trump Was About To Make Jerry Falwell, Jr. Education Secretary. Let That Sink In. - Oh yeah. THAT would have been fun.  

David Barton Says He’s A Victim Of ‘A Macro-Aggression’ That Attacks His Faith And Right To Free Speech - That's terrible . . . unless "macro-aggressions" are the same as "major aggressions." Barton certainly deserves more than "minor aggressions."

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