Friday, December 30, 2016

'13 wonderful LGBT moments' & other Fri. midday news briefs

Editor's note - This will most likely be the last post of 2016 on this blog. It wasn't exactly a fun year and I won't talk about the BIG UGLINESS who was elected in November. I will just say that 2017 brings challenges but with challenges come the promises of victory. Let's not dwell on things which will divide our communities. Let's unite and go full speed ahead in mutual trust, love, and understanding. And especially with the knowledge that we will take no slack or  any disrespect. 2017 is all about us up in here!  And we intend to get everything which belongs to us.

Catholic groups are suing the Obama administration over trans protection laws - Just as they did with marriage equality, Catholic religious groups are exploiting their religion to push anti-lgbt laws. The last time, they wasted lots of money in the loss. This time, they may lose something a bit closer to home - their so-called religious integrity. 

13 Moments That Made Us Proud To Be Queer In 2016 - Just 13?

 'I feel alive': Transgender Iowans on medical care, surgeries - When the religious right demonizes the transgender community, it prevents critical stories like this one from being read or heard. 

The top 10 transgender stories of 2016 - And stories like these also. 


This Gay Man Is Fighting For LGBT Rights In The South And Beyond - This is from September and I neglected to even write a post on it. The Huffington Post featured ME and this blog in an interview. I talk about being an "activist" and facing homophobia, racism, and regional prejudice. Plus, the picture of me is wonderful. Unashamedly black. It reminds me so much of Nina Simone.

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