Thursday, December 08, 2016

'NC Gov-elect says HB2 repeal a priority' & other Thur. midday news briefs

NC governor-elect Roy Cooper
Incoming North Carolina governor says repealing anti-LGBT law is a priority - Keep your fingers crossed. 

 A Watershed Moment for Equality - In a state (ugh) which Trump carried, a governor lost his office because he pushed an anti-transgender bill. Now if this were one of those sci-fi or superhero movies, members of the lgbt community would play the scientists who would attempt to isolate this occurrence in order to study and replicate it. Well this is neither a sci-fi or superhero movie but I have my lab coat and goggles ready. Who's with me? 

Massive survey paints bleak picture for transgender Americans - Because as you can see, there is a HELL of a lot of work which needs to be done. 

 Trans People Are Being Harassed In Public Restrooms, Survey Finds - More the above survey. 

Gordon Klingenschmitt: Zales Ad Execs Are Possessed By Demons - Because Zales featured a lesbian couple in one of its ads . . .

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