Wednesday, January 18, 2017

'Senator Franken tangles with Trump cabinet nominee over support of anti-lgbt groups' & other Wed. midday news briefs

Trump nominee Betsy DeVos
WATCH: Al Franken destroys Education appointee Betsy DeVos over her support for gay conversion therapy - Other than that "bear" comment, this was a serious highlight of yesterday's hearing with Trump's pick for secretary of Education, Betsy DeVos. Al Franken is a serious boss! 

DeVos rejects anti-LGBT views, but bruised in bumpy hearing  - Another article on the situation.

 Lambda Legal: Price would endanger health of LGBTs, people living with HIV - Speaking of another one of Trump's cabinet nominees . . . 

 Donald Trump Meets with SCOTUS Candidate William Pryor who Supported Criminalizing Gay Sex - Will the "homosexuality is a dangerous, deadly lifestyle" talking point take center stage again? If it does, the situation is going to get ugly because I got enough material saved up to make it ugly. And I won't be holding A THING back.  

Hate group Family Research Council wants Special LGBT Envoy gone from State Department - My post from this morning deserves another look because I didn't post it right the first time.  

Gay teen at risk of deportation because Sweden doesn't believe he's gay - What the $#@!  

Transphobic Slurs And Death Wishes: How Right-Wing Media Responded To The Commutation Of Chelsea Manning’s Prison Sentence - Disgusting. Can't even present their arguments in an intelligent manner.

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