Monday, January 23, 2017

The religious right have been using 'alternative facts' against the lgbt community for years

The controversy over the use "alternative facts" is actually nothing new to the lgbt community. As the graphics and soundbites below will tell you, religious right and "traditional morality groups" (the Family Research Council, the American Family Association, the Liberty Counsel, the National Organization for Marriage, etc.) have been creating their own "alternative facts" over the years about the lgbt community. The goal has always been exploiting religious beliefs against homosexuality to paint us as immoral, God-hating, disease ridden public menaces.

And while these soundbites and graphics seem comical, they have been highly successful over the years. It's something to remember as we all engage further into the argument over "religious liberty." Truth be told, that particular argument is nothing different than what these groups have done to us. It still paints us as invading outsiders, but with a gentler tone.

Religious right "alternative facts" about the lgbt community over the years (click on graphic to make it larger):




And of course, my "favorite"

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