Thursday, January 12, 2017

'Will Caitlyn Jenner attend Trump's inauguration?' & other Thur. midday news briefs

Caitlyn Jenner at Trump's inauguration? We will see.
Caitlyn Jenner Will Reportedly Attend Donald Trump’s Inauguration - Now some folks may think this is a bad thing, but I say it has wonderful potential. Sit her next to Franklin Graham or Tony Perkins. If so, I hope she knows judo or owns some pepper spray. Especially if she tries to shake Trump's hand. 

 Tillerson declines to say whether ‘gay rights are human rights’ - Trump claims that he will be an lgbt ally, but his nominee for Secretary of State won't say if our rights are human rights. It's a simple trick using your mouth - YEEES! 

Anti-lgbt hate group wants 'religious liberty' for Kim Burrell but not for Carrie Underwood - My post from this morning. It's going viral, but I want more. This is a wonderful discussion for the lgbt community to initiate BEFORE any Congressional action on one of those dreary "religious liberty" bills. Just whose "religious liberty" are they looking to protect? 

 Gay man legally donates blood after a year with no sex - I love his commitment, but at the same time, ugh to the dumb rule which made him do it in the manner which he did. 

 Donald Trump’s Inauguration Singer Speaks Out Against Transgender Bathroom Bills - Good for her in the way she used her platform!

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