Monday, February 27, 2017

''Moonlight' Best Picture win perfect ending to diverse Oscar season' & other Mon. midday news briefs

The ‘Moonlight’ Best Picture Win Is A Vote For Inclusivity In Hollywood - Some have called 'Moonlight' winning Best Picture a perfect response for 'Brokeback Mountain' losing to 'Crash' in 2006. I say WOW! Us lgbts don't forget anything. LOL

Fox News’ Tucker Carlson says ‘Moonlight’ only won Best Picture because of political correctness - Dear Tucker Carlson, kindly #@!% yourself and the horse you rode in on.

 Supreme Court Instructs Liberty Counsel to Refer to Transgender Teen Gavin Grimm as Male - The case has not been heard yet, but SCOTUS will NOT stand for any disrespect to Mr. Grimm. At the very least for now, this is a good thing. 

 ‘Intolerance in practice’: Chris Cuomo shreds pundit for fear of transgender ‘genitals in your face’- The right-wing has been tearing at Chris Cuomo all weekend for his transgender-inclusive tweets. As this interview shows, Cuomo doesn't give a rip what they think. Good!

 There Is A New Landmark Suicide Prevention Strategy For LGBTI People - Wonderful!

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