Wednesday, February 08, 2017

'Poll: anti-lgbt 'religious liberty' laws are NOT popular with most Americans' & other Wed midday news briefs

According to one poll, anti-lgbt 'religious liberty' laws are not popular.

Most Americans don’t want “religious freedom” laws that allow anti-LGBT discrimination - This is HUGE and needs to be repeated. According to a  Public Religion Research Institute poll, 61 percent of respondents, do not, repeat, DO NOT want religious liberty laws. This doesn't mean that the fight over these abominations of laws is over, but it DOES mean we hold the good cards. 

Taxpaying lgbts shouldn't sacrifice rights to 'religious liberty' propaganda - And I REALLY want to emphasize the piece I posted last night. The lgbt community needs to hold firm on this fact. We pay taxes and our money shouldn't be given to entities who will have a free pass to discriminate against us. In addition, federal employees are also paid by our tax dollars, so if they won't serve us like they do other Americans, they need to be let go. No apologies. No deviation from that line. It's our money, dammit and there isn't a thing wrong with demanding that if we pay taxes, we should be treated like other taxpaying Americans.  

DeVos confirmed despite concerns over anti-LGBT donations - And the fact that when it becomes to education, she doesn't know her knee from her elbow. We will be watching her.  

Why Obamacare repeal would be devastating to people with HIV - Meanwhile, let's also put attention on stopping any attempts to repeal Obamacare/ACA. It would hurt a lot of people, including our community.  

Dave Daubenmire: Illuminati Tricked Americans Into Watching Lady Gaga’s ‘Celebration Of Satan’ At The Super Bowl - Okay, who talked? Geez, gay men cannot keep a secret!

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