Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Transgender teen turns 'bathroom predator' myth on its head by putting simple truth in the mix

The issue of transgender equality has become, unfortunately, yet another situation about lgbt rights in which religious right groups seem to be defining the terms of argument, i.e. reducing the argument to an inaccurate, attention-catching point which exploits fear and subsequently finds the lgbt community playing defense.

In this case, religious right groups and spokespeople have pushed everyone's attention on bathrooms and the fear of not being safe in that very private and vulnerable space. While I despise the fact that the lgbt community finds ourselves yet again in another position of playing defense, I am happy with the fact that we are getting rather skilled at fighting from that position.

Buzzfeed proves this point in by spotlighting a drawing created by a transgender teen which turns the bathroom predator myth on its head by adding a little truth to the formula:

According to Buzzfeed,the drawing, which 22-year-old writer Jason Gross created in 2012, has become "a symbol in the fight for trans bathroom rights."

Gross told Buzzfeed:
"It’s good to know that this isn’t just me being a baby and actually resonates with others,” he said. “So if it can help further the movement the way it seems to be doing I’m happy to let it go.”

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