Wednesday, February 01, 2017

'Trump selects right-wing group's handpicked for SCOTUS' & other Wed. midday news briefs

Neil Gorsuch, the Heritage Foundation's pick.

LGBT Activist Groups Up in Arms Over Gorsuch SCOTUS Nom - One thing hardly anyone is mentioning about Trump's SCOTUS nominee is that Trump didn't necessarily pick him. He came to Trump as a pick from the right-wing, racist Voter ID law pushing, anti-lgbt Heritage Foundation. 

The Religious Right Is Thrilled About Neil Gorsuch - Naturally the religious right is extremely happy over this. While I'm still mad about how the GOP treated Obama SCOTUS pick Merrick Garland, I will console myself with the fact that should Gorsuch is appointed, his possible vote will only count as Scalia's vote. He doesn't sway the court in another direction. Now the next SCOTUS pick . . .  

Texas Mayor Jess Herbst Comes Out As Transgender - Good for you!!  

Can You Name These Lesbian Film From Just One Line? - A little levity in the midst of the storm is always a good thing.  

Britain posthumously pardons thousands of gay men in 'Turing law' - I GUESS this is a good thing but the situation should have never come to this in the beginning. So many lives needlessly destroyed.

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