Wednesday, March 08, 2017

'TX Trans pastor says 'Stop using God as an excuse to hate people' & other Wed. midday news briefs

Trans Pastor To Texas Bathroom Bill Supporters: ‘Stop Using God As An Excuse To Hate People’ - PREACH!!

 In Ritual Beating-Up of Vulnerable Texans, Senate Advances ‘Bathroom Bill’ - Texas anti-transgender bathroom bill advances but with a huge caveat. A lot of people came out to speak against it, including members of the transgender community and the parents of transgender children. This is a good thing because more visibility by the transgender community is never a bad thing. Just like with other anti-lgbt initiatives, it will be the voices of our community which will lead the charge to victory.

And here is a craptacular addition to the above story:

Family Research Council's Tony Perkins testimony - Read and study how religious right spokespeople (such as Tony Perkins) rely on fear, anecdotes, and unrelated horror stories to further anti-lgbt laws.

LGBT community centers see wave of vandalism across the country - Welcome to wannabe Trump world. I say wannabe because it's still our world too and we aren't backing down one iota. 

 24 Absolutely wonderful LGBT women and allies - WONDERFUL profile speaks for themselves to celebrate International Women's Day.  

Trump will name gay man as NATO ambassador according to White House official - Not necessarily good news for the lgbt community, but it's still guaranteed to send the religious right into ORBIT.

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