Friday, April 07, 2017

'Gorsuch confirmed to SCOTUS' & other Fri midday news briefs

Gorsuch confirmed to SCOTUS
Neil Gorsuch confirmed to the Supreme Court - The end of this tale was already predetermined, but still expect some religious right gloating over this. They got their wish with the help of a stubborn GOP Senate majority and strange electorate. However, please spare me the handwringing. Now is not the time to throw up hands in defeat and whine. What's our next move? Every victory - and in this case - every loss yields a new battle. It's always about the next move. 

 OutFront: Medical Student Brings Health of LGBTQ Youth to Forefront - Gorsuch or no Gorsuch, this is why we cannot give up. Our kids need us.

Losing Employer Won’t Ask Supreme Court To Overturn Landmark Gay Rights Ruling - Sweet!

Finally, A Definition Of ‘Complicit’ Ivanka Trump Can Agree With - Vicious, but accurate. Now may be the time for more of us gay men to pull out our inner Truman Capotes.

Bryan Fischer Really, Really Wants The LGBTQ Community To Give The Rainbow Back To God - I've got something I can give him. Fischer, that is.

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Julia said...

As far as LGBT rights goes Gorsuch's confirmation is a relatively thin victory for the Religious Right. All it does is put the court back to the same ideological alignment it had when it decided the Windsor and Obergerfell rulings. 4 Liberals, 4 Conservatives and 1 swing vote in Justice Kennedy. It's the loss of Ginsburg or Kennedy, which will be the real fight.

I'm hoping that when those seats open, it will either be a democrat making the appointment or a democratic senate blocking them.