Tuesday, April 18, 2017

'Haley condemns Chechnya gay purge. Trump, Pence still silent' & other Tue midday news briefs

Nikki Haley highest U.S. official to respond to reported gay purge in Chechnya - Thank you, Ms. Haley. However, I would like to hear from others. Trump? Pence? Tillerson? Surely you can take time out of your schedules to condemn genocide.
If y'all need instruction, this is how you condemn the situation in Chechnya:

 Joe Biden condemns gay Chechnya arrests

International outrage over gay Chechnya arrests mounts

In other news:

 The ‘LGBT Trump Fallacy’ Exists Because The Media Created And Promoted It - Preach!! 

"Greenleaf" Makes Space On TV For Queer Black People In Church - Love this! Repeatedly! 

 Victims Of Bullying Don’t Need To Change, Bullies Do - Amen to that.  

Texas wants to allow contractors to issue marriage licenses over the phone - What's with Texas? Seriously?

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