Thursday, May 25, 2017

Anti-lgbtq hate group & allies want to 'transform America' by pushing the church into political arena

Watchmen on the Wall is another bit of false Christianity

When folks like the Family Research Council and their allies get together for one of their "conferences," they tend drop all pretenses and talk too much. It's as if they get psychologically drunk by coming together and overwhelming themselves with their talk of how holy and righteous they are and how they will get the country to see things their way.

Below is a report via anti-lgbtq hate group the Family Research Council from what it calls its 14th annual Watchmen on the Walls conference . Read this hot mess in its entirety:

"Work like everything is up to you, and pray like everything is up to God." That was Senator Roy Blunt's (R-Mo.) advice to the hundreds of pastors who descended on D.C. for FRC's 14th annual Watchmen on the Wall conference. "The mission of our Watchmen on the Wall ministry is simple," said Dr. Kenyn Cureton, FRC's Vice President of Church Ministries, "We champion pastors to transform America... because the problems we face in America today... are spiritual at their heart and core, and the demand of the hour is for spiritual leadership to step up and engage."

A stellar line-up of spiritual and political leaders joined Senator Blunt, who reminded everyone about the importance of religious liberty. "The church house is the locker room, but the playing field is everywhere else." And that playing field includes Capitol Hill, as Rep. Mark Walker (R-N.C.) made clear. "I've never started a day in Washington, D.C. that didn't start in the Word of God." That should come as a great relief to the men and women in the Hyatt ballroom, who've worked tirelessly to elect leaders who would exert Christian influence on government. After eight years of some of the most radical anti-faith activity, Fox News's Todd Starnes told the crowd, "We are surrounded by cultural bullies, the enemies of freedom are advancing. The time has come to stand resolute." After all, he went on, "We are to be civil lambs, but not silent lambs."

Thankfully, a majority of these pastors are no stranger to boldness. Rev. Mark Harris, who was a first-time attendee in 2012, reminded everyone, "You never know today, how God is going to prepare you for tomorrow." After his trip to Watchmen, he felt convicted to get more involved in the cultural battles of the day. Then, the Charlotte riots happened, and he was prepared. To those who ask should Christians be involved in politics, Frank Turek said, "Politics affects virtually everything we do." When people complain that you shouldn't legislate morality, Turek tells them, "I don't want to legislate your morality. I don't want to legislate my morality. I want to legislate the morality." If there's no standard, then there's no right or wrong, and everything is a matter of opinion. So, whose morality shall we legislate?

Rabbi Jonathan Kahn knew the answer. "America was uniquely founded on the word of God... It's time to become the Elijahs of our day!" Fortunately, most of these pastors are well on their way to achieving that vision. But please join us as we continue to pray for these pastors -- that they may be strengthened to stand and for the Spirit of God to move among us.

It's sad that these "God warriors" didn't talk about ways to improve the quality of life for Americans, particularly those 23 million uninsured people should Congress repeal Obamacare, Or anyone who would be negatively affected by Trump's attempt to cut monies from Medicaid or other programs.

They want so badly for people to worship the way they want and pray the way they want, they don't seem to care that the person praying could be a child who hasn't been fed because there is no food in the house. Or that the prayer could be for his mother who is sick and has no medical insurance.   They are so caught up in  having power and the desire to rule over everyone in the supposed name of God that they have forsaken the basic humility, and simple kindness which comes with being a true servant of God.

But, as nauseating as FRC's report of this event sounds, it's also healthy for those of us who oppose these "God warriors" to bear witness to their ecclesiastical bacchanalia.

It gives us a good reminder of what they really are. And it's something we can show the rest of the world.

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John Powell said...

Allow pull out pieces on which to comment.

"Work like everything is up to you,..." This from a politician who is asked to show up to work for only about 100 days a year.

",,,pray like everything is up to God." Pray to whomever you please for whatever you please. Teach others your prayer - as long as they come willingly.

"...the demand of the hour is for spiritual leadership to step up and engage." Why is the Catholic Church the largest Christian denomination? Because in their early history the Pope had a bigger, better equipped army. I will guess that the Modern Day God warriors dream days like that might come again.

"I don't want to legislate your morality. I don't want to legislate my morality. I want to legislate the morality." Doesn't that last part make the first two a lie? Morality is interpreted differently by different people. For instance, about nudity: According to Genesis, when God found Adam and Eve after they had eaten the Forbidden Fruit, He asked them why they covered themselves. The first of God's creatures, not God, decided they needed to hide how they were made.

"America was uniquely founded on the word of God...." Not entirely accurate. While making no secret of seeking Divine Guidance, they went to great pains to create a secular government. Why? To prevent a repeat of the conditions that brought them here initially. Thus the first words of the first amendment of our Constitution.

A final thought: How is it that, often while denouncing on another, so many different religious sects exist together on this world? Probably because each simply acknowledged the existence of the others and left them alone. Each to his/her own. It shouldn't, then, require a PhD in Theology to wonder why they won'