Thursday, May 11, 2017

'The Advocate counts down the top 50 homopobes of the last 50 years' & other Thur midday news briefs

Kim Davis (top), Tony Perkins (middle), and James Dobson (bottom) all made The Advocate list of top homophobes.

The 50 Biggest Homophobes of the Last 50 Years - The Advocate creates a controversial but highly necessary list. Knowing your history includes knowing those who stood in the way of your equality and dignity. Poor Porno Pete LaBarbera. He didn't make the list.  But a gay man did.

Target doubles down on Pride celebrations despite anti-LGBT boycott - props to Target for sticking to its guns. The religious right has been using the chain like a basketball. 

Berkeley schools go beyond bathrooms to support gender non-conforming students - It's comforting to see schools not fall for the "bathroom predator' lie. 

 The Census Won’t Collect L.G.B.T. Data. That’s a Problem. - Damn right it's a problem. 

 West Virginia Supreme Court Rules Anti-Gay Assaults Are Not Hate Crimes - Excuse me?

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