Monday, June 05, 2017

'Hate group continues ugly smear against lesbian teacher' & other Mon midday news briefs

Liberty Counsel Continues Its Crusade Against Pro-LGBTQ Florida Teacher - Anti-lgbtq hate group The Liberty Counsel has found a new crusade and it's really beginning to bug me. The organization has been targeting this teacher since May. They've accused her of "bullying" Christian students and "indoctrinating" other students in the so-called homosexual agenda - charges which were shown to be nothing when the school district investigated. But the organization won't stop. THIS is the very definition of bullying.

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In other news:
Planet Fitness isn’t violating privacy by welcoming transgender members, Michigan court rules - A recent court decision just dealt a blow to the "transgender predator" myth.

 John McEnroe Rips Tennis Bigot Margaret Court in Salty, Delicious Denunciation: WATCH - Just imagine how homophobic someone has to be to get me the cheer John McEnroe for giving them a good "read."

 ‘Our Bible’ app aims to support LGBTQ Christians who feel excluded - Yet of a reminder that the "Gays vs. Christians" nonsense is a fictional war propagated by people (hello Franklin Graham) and organizations (the Liberty Counsel) more interested in attaining power than not pushing people away from God. Great discussion in the comments section with the usual cast of characters.

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