Monday, June 12, 2017

Pulse - One Year Later

A year ago, a person walked into the Pulse nightclub in Orlando, FL while it was celebrating Latin Night and, before the night was over, turned everyone's lives upside down. This person doesn't deserve to be named as we note this sad event and the lives stolen and altered because of it.

While I was not there, the tragedy had such a negative effect on me that for a brief time, I felt I could not pray. That was nothing compared to what it did to the families of those taken from us.

It's difficult to find any solace in this situation, but there is at least one bright spot.That awful individual took away so much, but he couldn't take away love. The love of those taken away from the people who miss them daily. The love of survivors who live their lives to the fullest after the tragedy  Most of all, the love in each of our hearts which doesn't allow us to give in to the pull of hatred like he did.

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