Thursday, June 08, 2017

'Trump to speak at anti-gay conference during Pride Month' & other Thur midday news briefs

'Friend of the gays' Trump will be speaking at anti-gay conference during Pride Month.

Editor's note - With all of the attention on the Comey hearing today (which I hear is more explosive than a season finale of Dynasty, Dallas, and Falcon's Crest), I will still attempt to bring news briefs for the times when folks need a respite from the wildness:

Trump to speak at anti-gay conference during Pride Month - I think Trump has bigger problems right now but should he hobble his way to this event, I will definitely enjoy watching and blogging about the irony of it all. 

LGBTQ+ Parents in Russia Share Photos to Show Their Families Matter - Our lgbtq brothers and sisters in Russia are going through it right now. Let's keep them in our hearts and prayers.

Are government agencies sidestepping Trump’s reluctance to recognize pride month? - Yep! 

 How the Alt-Right Is Using Sex and Camp to Attract Gay Men to Fascism - DO NOT fall for this. I repeat - if you fall for this, I will personally jump down your throats and stomp your livers.

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