Monday, July 31, 2017

Email punctuates religious right hypocrisy about Trump

At the end of a week punctuated by embarrassing and public infighting in the West Wing, Trump advocating police brutality, a ridiculous attempt to ban transgender troops ignored by the Armed Forces because it was done via a tweet, and a failed attempt to take healthcare away from millions of Americans, the Family Research Council sent a very unfortunate, but probably ironically accurate email:

The above announcement says less about Trump and more about the Family Research Council and the rest of Trump's evangelical supporters. Other than gloating - then remaining silent when the entire thing proved to be disastrous - about Trump's ban of transgender soldiers in the military, the religious right has been silent during this week regarding the rest of  his "conduct."

Jennifer Rubin of The Washington Post puts it better:

“The religious right, which intones ‘Judge Gorsuch, Judge Gorsuch!’ when confronted with the series of Trump abominations, should do some soul-searching,” she wrote. “Was this trashing of the White House, assault on civil language and conduct and contempt for the Constitution (the one the religious right thinks is so important that the new Supreme Court justice must protect it) worth it?”

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