Thursday, July 13, 2017

'GOP ripping necessary medical care away from transgender soldiers' & other Thur midday news briefs


GOP Poised To Strip Medically Necessary Care For Transgender Troops - Seriously, what the hell! This is not the way to treat people fighting for our freedoms. 

 US Rep. Joe Kennedy III slams proposed defense spending bill amendment as 'anti-transgender'- And this is NOT going without a fight 

 A Reminder That Russia Is An Authoritarian State That Terrorizes LGBTQ People - It would seem that a lot of folks are forgetting this lately.

Attorney General Sessions refuses to release transcript of his speech to anti-LGBTQ hate group - Reiterating my post from last night. When the United States Attorney General has a secret meeting with a group behind almost every anti-LGBTQ bill in America and pushing the cause of criminalizing the LGBTQ community worldwide and will NOT release the transcript of his speech to them, we got problems. BIG PROBLEMS.  

Here's What Parental Leave Is Like For LGBT Families - Keep telling these important stories.

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