Monday, July 10, 2017

Texas father defends his transgender son in front of state legislature

Recently, the state of Texas has been a hotbed of homophobia and transphobia as legislators there have been carrying on a war against the LGBTQ community from issues such as marriage equality to transgender rights. In the midst of all of the nonsense are ordinary taxpayers who have stood up against the madness, like this man in the video.

 From LGBTQ Nation:

 Ken Ballard of Little Elm, Texas, spoke before the Texas legislature earlier this year about his transgender son. Equality Texas re-posted the video this week, and it has become an internet hit. Ken talks about how his son Ash attempted suicide twice while in the process of accepting that he was transgender, which was when Ken found out that his son was only playing the role of being his daughter and couldn’t keep it up. “Am I going to be his bully?” Ken asked himself. He instead became his son’s advocate. The Texas legislature has been trying to pass a bathroom bill this past year. The Republican speaker of the Texas house recently said that he opposed the bill because he didn’t want “a suicide on my hands.”

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