Thursday, August 17, 2017

Do anti-LGBTQ hate groups know our meaning of the word 'receipts?'

The American Family Association is angry at CNN for daring to refer to them as an SPLC-designated hate group.

From AFA:

This week, CNN listed the American Family Association as a "hate group" in a sham news article that could easily incite violence and place AFA employees and supporters in harm's way. CNN has since issued a correction and removed AFA by name off their website. Instead, CNN links to the Southern Poverty Law Center website which falsely lists AFA as a "hate group." AFA is urging CNN to stop using the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) as a source when reporting real news. The SPLC is a radical organization whose hateful rhetoric was implicated in a 2012 shooting at the Family Research Council's headquarters in Washington, D.C. Today, we need your support to sustain our efforts in this important and lengthy battle. By citing the SPLC, CNN underscores why many Americans don't trust it for honest reporting. The SPLC has been widely discredited over the years because of its false labeling of Christian organizations as "hate groups.

AFA even has the nerve to ask that folks tweet the following mess:

Earlier today in my news brief, I talked about the Family Research Council throwing a tantrum because Apple will be donating a large amount of money to anti-hate groups, including SPLC.

And it's not just those two. According to People for the American Way:

It appears as if there is a coordinated campaign from anti-LGBTQ Religious Right organizations to fight back against outlets that identify them as SPLC designated hate groups.

My guess is because of Charlottesville, there is an interest in learning more about hate groups in America. And in spite of what some folks have said about SPLC being discredited, the organization is the best resource on hate groups. Anti-lgbtq hate groups are rightfully figuring out that a lot of eyes will be looking at the info SPLC has compiled on them. Therefore they are attacking SPLC's credibility.

These groups  are merely digging a hole for themselves. And for a very simple reason.

Every time they whine about being called a hate group and begin a campaign of personal attacks against SPLC,  they may raise a little money and they may gain allies that they would have had in the first place.

But it will only serve to interest people more about  the issue. And all those of us who oppose these groups have to do is simply pull out "the receipts," i.e. the proof that they deserve SPLC's hate group designation.

This proof is everywhere. In print, on the internet, and especially on video.

For every single lie these groups tell about SPLC and every distortion they spin about their hate group status, there is, at the very least, a video on youtube refuting their stories.

So keep on spinning those lies, AFA, FRC, and the rest. You won't ever do away with the 'receipts."

Speaking of "receipts," here are just a few:

American Family Association

Family Research Council

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