Tuesday, August 29, 2017

'Gays for Trump' protest at Charlotte Pride fizzles into embarrassment' & other Tue midday news briefs

Roughly a Dozen ‘Gays for Trump’ Protestors Showed Up at Charlotte Pride - This group was told by Charlotte Pride that they could not march in last weekend's parade so they held a really poor protest. They should be embarrassed. But if they are gays who support Trump, my guess is that they lost their sense of embarrassment a long time ago. My pet peeve about the entire thing is that so many articles talking about this ridiculous situation omitted one of reasons why the "Gays for Trump" group was denied the so-called right to participate in the pride parade was because of ugly comments members allegedly made about Muslims, the transgender community, immigrants and LGBTQs of color

Transgender Military Members At Risk Of Harassment Under Trump, Says Former Army Secretary - How convenient. I'm sure this was a desired effect of Trump's terrible ban. 

Group Advocates For LGBT Youth In Religious Homes - Faith In America does wonderful work.

Here’s How You Can Help the LGBTQ Victims of Hurricane Harvey - Help some people who may get lot in the shuffle.

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