Tuesday, August 01, 2017

Oblivious homophobia starring the Benham Brothers

Remember the so-called victims of the "radical gay agenda," David and Jason Benham. They were going to get a show on on HGTV in 2014  until the network found out that they had a history of attacking the LGBTQ community. Their show idea never got off the ground. Since that time, they have been going around the country continuing to whine about the alleged gay agenda (which turned off HGTV in the first place), but with the added claim that they were shut down and persecuted because they are Christians.

That's the story they like to tell. But thanks this video by GLAAD, which presents their claims and a few additions, there is a more balanced view  of the controversy. In watching it, I'm sadly struck by the fact that these boys are so wrapped up in their egotistical view of their "faith" that they can't comprehend the reality of why they got into so much trouble. You were talking about people, guys. Men, women, children, families. You were not talking about intangible concepts.

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