Wednesday, August 09, 2017

'Peter Thiel, your LGBTQ brothers and sisters haven't forgotten your support of Trump' & other Wed midday news briefs

Peter Thiel, how do you feel about your 'pro-gay' buddy Trump now?

How Peter Thiel Sold Out LGBTQ People For The Spotlight - Remember that gay billionaire who supported Trump's presidential bid. I do. It was him vs. the religious right for the ability to shape Trump's agenda. Guess who lost? Now is NOT the time for us to take the high road. It only sets us up for future disappointments.

FLASHBACK: Peter Thiel's obliviousness creates historic nonsense - I said this over a year ago.

Focus On The Family Political Arm Seeks Money To Fight ‘Ex-Gay’ Therapy Bans - By the way, that's YOUR money they want. 

Transgender third-grader files groundbreaking lawsuit against school - Wonderful! I applaud every LGBTQ youth fighting for his/her rights. 

 Christian Parents of LGBTQ Children: The Church Has Been Wrong - John Pavlovitz has a message of encouragement for parents of LGBTQ children.


Steven Satak said...

I think he made a good choice. There are a lot of us who were grateful that he set aside his attraction to other men and thought of what was good for the country and not what was good merely for himself.

Sorry you don't feel the same way, but let's honest, the Left has never been interested in discussing things with people like me. They just want me to shut up.

BlackTsunami said...

Based upon what's going on now with Trump in office, I think it's safe to say that the majority of the country don't feel the same way as you do. On a personal note, however, I do take offense at your remark about him "putting aside his attraction to men and thought of what was good for the country." You obviously didn't hear his speech at the convention. Thiel was claiming that Trump would be good for the LGBTQ community. And that, my friend, turned out to be another inaccurate notion when it comes to Trump. Regardless, LGBTQs should never have to sacrifice our integrity for the good of anyone or thing. If someone wants our support, they had better be willing to take everything about us, sexual orientation or gender identity included.

As for your last comment, I don't know your history with the supposed "Left," so I will leave that notion in what seems to be your paranoid imagination.