Tuesday, September 26, 2017

'Shockingly' honest video shows what LGBTQ pride does to children

I may have shown this video before. I can't remember. But if I did, it deserves a second looking. I must say that I'm heartbroken, terrified, and mortified . . . about how ridiculous anti-LGBT propaganda is. The video is courtesy of a vicious anti-LGBTQ hate group out of Massachusetts called Mass Resistance.

 To put it bluntly, if one was to describe the anti-LGBTQ industry as a turkey, Mass Resistance is the stuff you yank out of the bird and discard.

According to the Southern Poverty Law Center:

Mass Resistance, “the leading pro-family grassroots activist group in Massachusetts,” began life in 1995 as the Parents’ Rights Coalition, became the Article 8 Alliance in 2003, and took on its current name in 2006. Its leader, Brian Camenker, is a programmer who was an official of the Article 8 Alliance and also headed the Newton, Mass., chapter of the National Taxpayers’ Association. 
As president of yet another group, the Interfaith Coalition of Massachusetts, Camenker spearheaded the drafting of a bill that passed in 1996 and required that parents be notified of any sex education in their children’s schools. That same year, Camenker claimed that suicide prevention programs aimed at gay youth actually were “put together by homosexual activists to normalize homosexuality.” Later, MassResistance charged that groups like the Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network (GLSEN), which support school anti-bullying programs, actually want to lure children into homosexuality and, very possibly, sadomasochism. 
At a 2006 religious right gathering in Washington, D.C., Camenker insisted that gays were trying to get legislation passed to allow sex with animals. "One bill in Massachusetts takes away all the penalties for bestiality," he claimed. "This is where this [homosexual] agenda is going." A little later, he added, "They [gays and lesbians] are pushing perversion on our kids." 
In 2006-2007, Mass-Resistance pushed for an amendment of the 1996 statute that would have required that parents be notified of any discussion of gay or lesbian issues in the schools. The group proposed language that lumped sexual orientation (which includes heterosexuality, homosexuality and bisexuality) in with criminal behaviors like bestiality and polygamy. During legislative testimony supporting the amendment, Camenker falsely claimed that no homosexuals died in the Holocaust and that the pink triangle the Nazis forced imprisoned gays to wear actually signified Catholic priests. The amendment did not pass. 
Camenker, who has long focused on the purported “homosexual agenda” in the schools and frequently claimed gays are dangerous to kids, has repeatedly cited discredited claims from organizations like the National Association for Research and Therapy of Homosexuality that link homosexuality and pedophilia. 
In 2008, Camenker made another accusation for which there was no supporting evidence at all — the claim that the state of Massachusetts had had to spend more money every year since same-sex marriage became legal in that state. That, he said, was because of “skyrocketing homosexual domestic violence” and because of the “extreme dysfunctional nature of homosexual relationships.”

Camenker also likes to film events such 2016 Massachusetts Youth Rally in the  above video. Supposedly it's proof of how the LGBTQ community is an evil, corrupting influence on America, especially the children.

No offense, but the only thing horrible in the video is the dress the drag queen chose to wear during her performance. I think that was intentional, however.

How homophobic is a person to not know the difference between an anti-LGBTQ video and a pro-LGBTQ video, even when he is doing the filming?


Brad said...

Oh nos! (clutching my pearls) Young people that could be from anywhere in America walking peacefully down the street with banners and flags oh my! What is our world coming to when young people gather together to hear speeches that honor each other. And chanting about being authentic to their true selves! We can't have that! Why aren't they torturin themselves and twisting themselves into pretzels to be what a few narrow minded people think they should be, living unhappy and unfulfilled lives. And suggesting they use condoms if they have sex, what horrors! Getting an STD or HIV or pregnant is so much better! And pamphlets that give them the idea that there are other ways of looking at the world! Oh my stars, I'm going to faint...

Are these people who made the video really wanting us to take them seriously?

Scott Amundsen said...

"Camenker" my hairy gay ass. His name should be spelled "Canker."