Thursday, October 19, 2017

'Anti-LGBT industry hoping to play 'divide & conquer' plan to defeat pro-trans policies' & other Thur midday news briefs

Remember this mess? Expect the anti-LGBTQ industry to exploit something like it to divide our community.

Values Voter Summit Panelist: ‘Divide & Conquer’ To Defeat ‘Totalitarian’ Trans Inclusion Policies - Remember that "drop the T" crap some gay folks were pushing (as in abandon the transgender community while pursuing equality.) The anti-LGBTQ industry thinks that it's a wonderful strategy. So much so that they will be pushing something along the same lines along with other plans to denigrate the entire community. So folks deal with the fact that there should be and will be NO abandoning in this so-called culture war. If one of us goes down in flames, we all go down in flames. We are in this TOGETHER.

Two states brace for public campaigns against transgender equality - Speaking of which . . . 

White Nationalism and Christian Right Unite at Values Voter Summit - The sad thing is that there was no internal struggle with so-called Christians. They just want power. 

The U.N. Wants American Businesses to End Anti-LGBT Discrimination - Money always talks.

Settlement Proposed In North Carolina Transgender Bathroom Lawsuit - Could be good news for the transgender community. We'll see. 

HuffPost: Roy Moore’s Charity Accepted Donation From Nazi-Founded Group - The next time the LGBTQ and African-American communities start fighting over legacies, they both need to be reminded that they have a lot of the same enemies.

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Frank said...

I agree we are all in this together and we need each other now more than ever. But I so wish we could find a more inclusive term than LGBTQ+++. "Gay" used to cover it all: men, women, trans, asexual, gender non-conforming, butch, fem, etc. until it became associated almost exclusively with gay men. The term "Gay" has less to do with sexual acts and more to do with attitude, camaraderie, community and a certain joie de vivre. In a recent video of two young lesbians being harassed in Orange County, CA. they referred to themselves as gay. It was refreshing.