Thursday, October 26, 2017

Hey African-American bigots! We exist ! (This ain't no #@&! love letter, either!)

I have been in a state of extreme anger for two days now due to a press conference in which a bunch of bought-and-paid-for trifling conservative black folks again allowed the anti-LGBTQ industry to use them.

What did they do? The same shit they always do when the anti-LGBTQ industry yanks their chain - make all sorts of false claims about how the LGBTQ community is attempting to piggyback on the African-American civil rights movement. They get all vocal and self-righteous proclaiming how gays are trying to "equate their sin with black folks' skin" or how gays never suffered segregation or racism.

Or  when they claim that gays are attempting to equate "sexual behavior" to "innate skin color."

They even got this cute webpage and hashtag (#wegotyourbackjack ) which references the upcoming SCOTUS case of a baker attempting to get away with discriminating against gay couples on the grounds of religious liberty.  Their entire campaign is a nasty slap in the face to the LGBTQ community in general but specifically LGBTQs of color.

That's what really pisses me off to the highest levels of "pissivity" when black folks allow themselves to engage in this game of attack.  By their statements and pronouncements, these fools attempt to push the semantic idea that being an LGBTQ is a "white issue." In other words, they render people like me invisible.  It's bad enough to be called names, but its worse when people deliberately omit you. It makes you feel absolutely worthless.

And I refuse to feel worthless because a bunch of self-righteous idiots allow themselves to be used to get acclaim and money for denigrating their own people. I exist. Other LGBTQs of color exist. We aren't going away and fake activists (such as Alveda King who is knee deep in this mess. She is a gigantic phony. The most important thing she ever did was to have the good luck of being Martin Luther King, Jr's niece) can't make us go away.

The videos above says it all. Since those folks don't want to acknowledge us common, everyday LGBTQs of color, the videos of famous LGBTQS of color are to remind them that their false attacks  may get them what the acclaim and probably the money they want, but that's all they are going get.

They have no control over reality.


Frank said...

Sadly I knew only 13 of the 50. Missing: Wanda Sykes.

It doesn't matter however to those who believe we "choose" to be L,G,B, or T.

What ruth struck me however is that all these individuals became their best selves despite racial and gender and orientation discrimination; their lives were/are full and complete; for them, in the pursuit of their careers, the conservative, black, religious right, anti-LGBT bigots you describe probably are/were irrelevant.

Glenn Ingersoll said...