Monday, October 02, 2017

Today's news briefs will be about joy, happiness, and laughter

I suppose I just can't hop into bed and wish that this day was over. Or better yet, grow translucent wings, gain a magic wand, and the power to keep the events of the Las Vegas shooting from happening.

I can't preach or talk about anything in my usual critical stance, folks. Nor do I feel like putting out news briefs. God, I feel so very bad over the entire thing. It's a kind of sadness that takes away all of your purpose and makes you ask why. Nothing else. Just why.

But I find that when things like this happen, it helps to let the feeling wash over you. Don't try to keep them inside. And do something light. This morning I think I listened to Fleetwood Mac's 'Dreams' about five or six times (so I have a thing with Stevie Nicks. Sue me.)

Also, at the very least, if I can't provide words, at least I can provide a bit of solace in my own way. This is my blog but consider it backstage at the Oscars in the past and me as Joan Crawford bringing my bar with all of the fixings (research the damn thing. I can't explain everything to y'all). But instead of alcohol, I bring some comedy clips. Enjoy them. Get offended. Laugh your ass off. Just do anything to bring out your emotions. Everyone is welcomed:

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