Wednesday, October 18, 2017

'Trump judicial nominee played 'Nazi Germany' card in attack on LGBTQs, Obama Admin.' & other Wed midday news briefs

It's LGBTQ Pride in SC! Check out articles in news briefs for more information.

Trump judicial nominee invoked Nazi Germany in describing treatment of Christians in US - See, I knew all of those claims comparing the Obama Administration to Nazis would come back to haunt some people. Just another notch as to why Jeff Mateer shouldn't have a lifetime appointment as a federal judge. His attacks on the LGBTQ community was bad enough.

Night Moves - With a move to a two-day festival, Famously Hot South Carolina Pride is courting a bigger audience. Can it do so without losing sight of itself? - It's LGBTQ Pride time in South Carolina. And guess what intrepid blogger has been asked to bring his 2017 GLAAD Media Award and to say a few words. What should I wear? How should I do my hair? 

As S.C. Celebrates Pride, Some Signs of Change in the Dominant Political Party? - And with this year's Pride comes the fact that slowly but sure, SC is changing for the better. It's still gonna take a little work but I'm always down for a fight. 

New York’s highest court’s first openly gay judge is sworn in - Quietly but steadily. 

Inside The Fight For Transgender Americans In The Mountains Of North Carolina - Meanwhile in NC, the transgender community aren't taking any slack. 

Tony Perkins Says LGBTQ People In The Military Create ‘Moral Confusion’ That Makes Men Harass Women - Dang, Tony. Sit your ass down!

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