Friday, November 17, 2017

Franklin Graham's defense of Roy Moore exposes the lie of conservative Christianity

Franklin Graham is a cyst on Christianity.

Let me skip to brass tacks about a certain American so-called religious leader.

Franklin Graham is an ignorant, self-righteous fool who exploits his family name and the word of God to suit his own ego. He is a repulsive mockery of an Christian and a prime example of how conservative white evangelicals of the religious right are sad cases who, for all of their talk of God and morality, are willing to sacrifice what little integrity they have for positions of power. If Jesus came back, Graham wouldn't know it because he would be busy tweeting out lies regarding the LGBTQ community to his gullible followers or wearing an expensive suit while sitting in a row of fellow ecclesiastical fat cats awaiting his turn to scare throngs of wealthy, well-to-do sycophants with lurid tales about how they are treated worse than the Nazi treated people of the Jewish faith.

All without any shred of humility or shame.

What set me off? The following tweet he just sent about Roy Moore:

To people like Graham, nothing else matters more than conservative judges making decisions and conservative legislators making laws, both of which putting their version of Christianity above all other concepts and ideas.

 If there is any positive which comes out of Trump being in the White House, it will be the realization  by many that folks like Graham have reduced the grace, sincerity, and sweetness of Christianity into vile swill which they ingest, swallow, and spew  like rutting hogs wearing necklaces made of crosses, hoping to put on a facade of holiness, and thereby deceiving people to their true greedy natures.

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Kevin Andrews said...

Alvin, another brilliant and too accurate summation of these Christ-O-Fascist and Missionary of Hate.
There is no love, honor or eloquence from these kinds of Dominionists and Evangelical Charlatans. The Snake-Oil Salesman is a fixture in the abusive culture of the violent Cannibal Cults of Jeebus Inc or any of their blood-drinking peers. What there is is only Hypocrisy and Hate.
Being pre-stonewall Gay has presented me with a life-long ambivalence founded in: "Do I reduce myself to their level?"
We of the LGBTQ & Cis-gendered Communities are everyone's brothers and sisters who've attained their truth and speak that truth in our actions of love, compassion and acceptance of our diversity that spans all human experience.
The fundamental fraud of cookie-cutter Christianists, fearful fundamentalists in their howls of intolerance, self-recognition and intent to divide provide their "leadership" by example and the ignorant Christianist Soldiers get their orders.
Do we validate their positions by calling out the lies?
Do we disarm programming by rising above their untruth?
Thanks for being a voice of clarity in an intentionally muddied reality.