Monday, November 13, 2017

Roy Moore has already lost. He's too self-righteous to realize it yet, but he will.

Even though another accuser has come out in public against Roy Moore and people are beginning to claim that his alleged predatory behavior around underage girls was widely known and that he was once barred from a mall for it, I still think that he will not drop out of the upcoming election and that he will win.

But, I also think that Moore has lost the one thing he always claimed to have - his so-called high moral ground. Unless this entire thing is proven to be a conspiracy comparable to that of the 1960s movie The Manchurian Candidate, Moore will be a caricature; a toothless, useless creature whose talk about God and the so-called evils of homosexuality only served to mask his own peccadilloes until the piper came knocking on his door with the bill.

And that will occur even if he does manage to become the US Senator from Alabama.

With that in mind, enjoy the videos below of Moore dogging the LGBTQ community in the past, preferably while sipping a nice cup of tea:

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Kevin Andrews said...

This Roy Moore,, creature of sexual predatory habits, defines the real "Family Values" of the Koch Brothers owned and operated GOTP.
This Christ-O-Fascist poster-child for the Holy Republican Cannibal Cults of Jeebus Inc is displaying exactly what has destroyed this once great nation.
Missionary of Hate, Death worshiping Cultists, hypocrites of any flavor are unfit for any public office as are the dual-citizens.
This creature will never sit in the Senate and is just too stupid to grasp that he and his clearly expressed Christ-O-Fascism has no place in America ever.